So the issue. Video player styling basics provides some useful styling techniques. No need to refer to it (“This is a picture of…”). Den Alt-Text kopieren oder etwas anderes? You see, if we are trying to offer good readable alt text for accessibility (sp?) “Matt Cutts Said, If you need a tool tip (or equivalent) to appear, use the title attribute (described below). I swear you look like Joel comm in that video. Also, could you clarify two things for us, how many words should the alt tag/element be and the discussion about the stop character is also quite interesting, I personally think that this is very useful within context, never really read anything about it before so it was nice to read info on it here. Dave (Original), if I answered that I’d answer over on the more relevant thread. Möglicherweise, weil die Beschreibung eines Vorschaubildes eines Videos für einen Nichtsehenden nicht sonderlich interessant ist? So, I’m going to take a few hours today and give it a shot, and if I crash in the search results, I’ll come back and complain. We are looking around to find the problem but we only found the copys of the metadescriptions at Wong and Del Icio because the get bookmarked. Alt text (alternative text), also known as "alt attributes", “alt descriptions", or technically incorrectly as "alt tags,” are used within an HTML code to describe the appearance and function of an image on a page. Now I have a problem, I create (try to) my websites according to the W3C design rules, that means that I use the alt tag for text-browsers too. I have no DC, no Proxy shows my sites. but we can still give the external link under alt (alternate text) even though if it can’t contain markup. Daher sind nicht mehr allzu viele Attribute übriggeblieben bzw. Umliegender Text 2. I use the alt-tag for the text-browsers and the title-tag (also within the image tag) as a tool-tip for the visitor. I have been doing this for a while, not really with google in mind but because I always like to describe photos – in a similar fashion to what you see in newspapers, a descriptive line always goes down well. Hello Matt. But correcting people to use “element” instead of “tag” is not helpful, I think, because the two concepts are very closely related. Outline Active course. als veraltet gekennzeichnet („deprecated“). It’s for this reason they are not turned on by default. Sorry if I missed a post you’ve already made on this :). Asking for help, clarification, or … We are looking around to find the problem but we only found the copys of the metadescriptions at Wong and Del Icio because the get bookmarked. It comes with a parent figure element which can describe a variety of media and text, such as photos, videos, illustrations, diagrams and charts, quotes, poems, code snippets, etc. g1smd, I feel sure we don’t have that many pages from that site. Das ALT-Attribut wird in solchen Fällen dann als Alternativtext angezeigt. The Official Webmasters Blog and GWHG have really stepped up their game as of late, excellent very meaty posts with real good information and great interaction with the community as well. My picture includes pen and sheet but this mean is search engine optimization. I got a long (condescending) attributes lecture. ), because I am using the same text for two different tags? On the pages g1smd links to, I count roughly 10*100 nowhere near 7.7 Billion pages . SDL Tridion UK Meetup style-Tag im Seitenkopf und style als Attribut in einem HTML-Tag, title-Tag im Kopf der HTML-Datei und title-Attribut in einem HTML-Tag). backwards-compatibility troubles" can u elaborate it ? Diese Funktionen erreichen die HTML-Standard-Attribute eines Elements direkt: Setzt das id-Attribut oder gibt den Wert der ID zurück elem.className Setzt den Wert des class-Attributs oder gibt den Wert zurück elem.accessKey Setzt oder liest den accesskey elem.dir Can you confirm that? index.php and startseite-1.htm are the same. Deshalb werden heutzutage viele dieser alten Attribute von Validierungstools als Fehler angeprangert bzw. Alt-Texte richtig formulieren . Good tips through video to put alt attributes for images. Yet another reason why you should be subscribing to the Official Google Webmaster Blog (Atom link for feedreaders). it is the img element's fallback content). It was fun to watch your guys body language at the beginning of your keynote at Pubcon. Teams. Interesting topic, reminds me of the issue of naming variables in programming at large. The commercial page has about 8 to 10 sample images. then I think 7 words is way too short. I shall revisit following the comments above. I usually prefer to use the name element as it’s more correct when you want to refer to the whole thing. I do not believe that a slash more ore less kick nearly all my pages out of Googles index. the only thing I can think of is that there maybe unused images in the image folder, would items not used be seen if that is the case? Elements are not tags. I need to be sure I am naming files correctly. Hier steht warum das so ist, und wie man ALT Text sinnvoll einsetzt. H.264 'High' profile video (incompatible with main, baseline, or extended profiles) level 3 and Low-Complexity AAC audio in MP4 container ... the value of the alt attribute provides equivalent content for those who cannot process images or who have image loading disabled (i.e. I might put something into an image that is also a link and say; this is a picture of a beautiful sunset on lake whatever, with people walking barefoot along the beach. Beitrag schreiben (als Gast) Die Antwort wird nach der Überprüfung durch einen Moderator freigeschaltet. Bei einem ALT-Attribut oder ALT-Tag handelt es sich um einen Text, der eine Grafik beschreibt. Today i stumbled upon something strange: Er wird zum Alternativtext. I misspelled bear(beat) so it would use the alt. See Functional Images. The only DC from my site we did found at Del Icio and Wong. Thanks for the alt tips. Got a webmaster-related question or suggestion that is not directly related to the topic of this entry? Why doesn’t Google take a top-down approach, rather that bottom-up? Out of thousands of tech blogs why did THIS one become of the few to reach the Technorati top 100 and STAY there!?!? 3. We do have an alternative to alt (alternate text) that works across all browsers, the title attribute is valid on the VIDEO element. Tag für Kennzeichnung oder Markierung. Find the part that describes permitted attributes. Einige Attribute haben dieselben Namen wie Tags und haben dennoch nichts mit dem Tag zu tun (z.B. Nice catch! Don’t know if I’d use it, just curious. The reason for this blog’s success (besides SearchEnginesWeb) – is the immediacy of the give and take, the spontaneity, the personalities of the contributers that do come through, and many complex, subliminal factors that often is just a matter of luck. A complete guide to image formats supported by web browsers is available.Click the short name of each type to go to a longer description of the type, its capabilities, and detailed browser compatibility information including which versions introduced support for the type and for specific special features that may have been introduced later. Related Videos. Unwichtigere Rankingfaktoren 2. Recommend It . At this point, the official webmaster blog is doing Google SEO-related posts faster than I can. 2.) For consistency, can we use an alt attribute with the video tag instead? One of the arguments put forward against an alt attribute for video poster images was that people would confuse a description of the content itself with a description of the content of the poster image. I’m happy that if I fail the bus test (that is, get hit by a bus), there will be plenty of folks who can take on more communication. Great video and it helped me understand the importance of naming pictures correctly. (The in the zone, don’t bother me look). Hier steht warum das so ist, und wie man ALT Text sinnvoll einsetzt. the alt attribute contains only text, so how is it not possible to include that? Attribute Value Description; autoplay: autoplay: Specifies that the video will start playing as soon as it is ready: controls: controls: Specifies that video controls should be displayed (such as a play/pause button etc). BTW, an earlier inspiration from your blog, Alt text uses: 1. > Let me correct you and Phillip. id, title, class, id und src. It doesn’t have the white sterile hospital feel that the Webmaster Help blog does. John Mueller also made the original post even more valuable by talking about ALT and TITLE and how those attributes are slightly different. Some technologies for displaying content may have features that enable you to include null text by checking a box to indicate that an alt description is not necessary. Or “alt” is just enough? Would it behelpful to change the DSC287287.jpg into cat-ball-yarn.jpg? It seems as if it would not be a good idea, to feed sozial bookmark systems with our metadescriptions, when Google kills these sites because DC(?) Let me correct you and Phillip. I recognize this post is very old but I am wondering if anyone can provide better insight (or point me in the right direction) of how to make Google better understand what is in the videos I add to my pages. I don't think anyone has suggested a description of the content itself shouldn't be provided for everyone who needs it including, but not limited to, people who are visually impaired. If I only would use the alt-tag, then people who are using Firefox will not see the text when pointing on the image (only MSIE is doing this). The Webmaster blog is a wasted of time and energy. Alt-Texte (kurz für Alternativtexte) sind kurze Bildbeschreibungen, kurze sprachliche Übersetzungen visueller Inhalte im Internet, die blinden Benutzern von Hilfsmitteln wie Screenreadern anstelle des Bildes vorgelesen werden. people are talking that tags or no more in seo games but as i always use appropriate tag in all of my website believe that tag are still alive and will stay on for seo if and only if you use them properly and donot try to trun them into spam, If a site is receiving an over optimization demotion, would it be better to just leave out the Alt tags? Er gehört zu den Meta-Angaben und ist für den User nicht sichtbar. . This short video shows how a screen reader announces an image with and without an alt attribute. Attribute Changer 10.00a kostenlos in deutscher Version downloaden! This short video shows how a screen reader announces an image with and without an alt attribute. This includes UTF-8 characters such as unencoded curly quotes, as well as HTML Character Entities. If the alt attribute is valid for video element, I think this alt attribute can work for any source of the video. Brian Harnish July 11, 2018 7 min read. Embed Video. Google und Co. können Bilder nicht „sehen“. Matt did you meet him? This is a URL of an image to show until the user plays or seeks. But avoid …. Saw the video last time. December 17, 2007 @ 1:55 pm, Peter (IMC), yes: one of the things I wanted to get across in the video was that renaming images to be descriptive can help (just don’t go overboard and stuff a whole bunch of keywords in there).”. Or should the alt tag incorporate key words related to search key words? On the other hand, i have seen one on your site that most definitly is, duplicate content. I use “alt” tag always on my pictures but I didn’t see it as so important to SEO. Sorry, but I am a stickler for correct terminology. this shows me 9 670 000 000 pages and i don’t think they have that much… There is only one thing I can think about that an "alt" attribute could provide that nothing else does: as a blind user tabs onto a video element, the "alt" attribute's content could be read out and briefly describe what is visible in the poster image - or alternatively give a brief summary of the video. Keyword stuffing is the best thing to do if you want to unfocus a page… which of course is the best thing to do if you want to show up in positions below 1000. This post explains the differences between the image alt attribute, image title text, and image file name, and provides tips on how to optimize each. Using the right stop characters can improve key word relevance and keyword density of a site successfully. It’s really too bad these resources don’t get discussed more in the regular SEO/SEM/Webmastering community. Since you´re helping out. Let’s start with, I’m a photograher. The text content of video tags seems to behave in the same way as the alternative text for the img tag. Just looking over some of your older posts and I can’t believe that there’s a webmaster blog with RSS! It is done completely wrong. I might say something on an image nav. 10m For anyone who is unable to view the video or would just prefer to read the content in text form, we have created a transcript of the video here: One more question, just out of curiosity: in addition to the alt , does it benefit Google to add a line of descriptive text under the image (within the same html td or paragraph ). Should we use both “alt” and “title” for the IMG element? Here is another one, with 7.7 Billion pages indexed: Is there a way to add an ALT attribute to your embedded YouTube video? I’ll include the video here, but I’ll also use this opportunity to remind everyone that you really should subscribe to the Official Google Webmaster Blog (Atom link for feedreaders). [whatwg] Alt attribute for