Einstein, ../Connections/your_connection_string_include_file.php', http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub? See the below example. Google Sheets can export files in Excel format and read Excel files. IMPORTANT: Please note that Google Docs doesn't update the published document immediately after making changes; rather there is a lag time between when you change the document and when it republishes it. The results are put in a database. This script must be called by the cron daily Please understand that Google can't poll your script every few seconds or anything like that; nor would it be a good idea anyway (that's a LOT of traffic). The diagram on the right shows the exact settings I used. Of course, it’s there in Excel. However you can force an update if you need to and it refreshes often enough, I think, to stay quite useful. if you want to do this, add each additional sensor list to this array: http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&output=csv&gid=0&range=C3:F99", we keep looping until we are sure a sensor has not gone down. WHERE HOUR(NOW())=HOUR(created_date) GROUP BY sensorID, hourgroup;", SELECT sensorID, FLOOR(AVG(lag)) AS average_lag, AVG(status_code) At the end of the loop, we see if a sensor is failing (by which I mean, if it came back down but has not returned $settings_failures failures yet). I decided to make a project out of building a server monitor that used a Google Spreadsheet for its front end. Below I describe how you can make one for yourself. a lot of work (and if we ever need to send someone a copy of a sensor history report, we can always "hard wire" a copy of the report for that specific use). I call this script testallsensors.php. key=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&output=csv&gid=2&range=B3:B6", $settings_recipients|$settings_failures| You will also have to add two jobs to the cron so you'll need to make sure you have permission to create cron jobs (most of our hosting providers provide an interface for creating cron jobs in their control panel). Use Sheets to edit Excel files. A few weeks ago, I was thinking about server monitor software and I realized that most of the mechanics behind the software is actually pretty simple; the more difficult part is the reporting side of things. So I tried to implement my banking balance in a google spreadsheet to display my daily profit etc. So far it seems to work fine with Google's "new" spreadsheets. Make a copy of this URL for yourself and generate one for the settings on the Sensor and Report Settings worksheet (cell range B3:B6). Created googledrive template successfully for product template. At the top select Share > Publish as web page... and you will get a dialog box where you can publish the document. This is the situation we faced too many times, years ago, and why we started monitoring our servers. Normally the spreadsheet updates the pulled data at variable freqencies, presumably depending on how busy their servers are. ORDER BY sensorID, created_date;",

Monitoring Report for: $yesterday

", Sensor TestedAverage LagUptime", Error: 'Service invoked too many times' Error: 'Maximum time exceeded execution' Error: 'Invalid argument' (alias issue) Error: Google Drive refused to connect You have already learned about different error types in Google Sheets and the use of Google Sheets Error.Type function. The formula is to sum Cell B11 and B12. In V11 CE, I have the Google Spreadsheet module installed and connected to my database. Get things done with or without an Internet connection. Finally, for any other error types, normally associated with a typo, which is not specified above, Google Sheets would return #ERROR!. The settings for the application (e.g. This post will help you with export your Google Sheets to MS SQL Server.. I'm using LunarPages for hosting and they have a very easy to use option in their control panel for creating cron jobs, but every shared hosting service we use has a similar facility. Created googledrive template successfully for product template. I don't know if spreadsheets update on the server when no one is looking. The daily report is a report that we'll have emailed to us first thing in our day so that we can see at a glance how our servers have been doing in the last 24 hours. So if the error value is #N/A we can decide that there is no error in our formula. The only real drawback is it's not as immediate as I'd have liked (I want data updated by the second if I can get it). The way that I chose to do this was by creating a cell (that I colour Green) on the Sensors and Report Settings worksheet where the user enters the sensor ID that they want to create a report for (if someone can think of a way to do this with some kind of select box or something, I'd like to hear from you). Try powerful tips, tutorials, and templates. When you are satisfied the script is working correctly, we'll move on to displaying the current status for all the sensors in our spreadsheet. (i.e. Anyway, I have made some experience in programming and I can't find the mistake. You can think of a published spreadsheet a public copy of the live spreadsheet, where every … This formula would return “Value Can’t Be Zero” if the error type is #DIV/0!, “TEXT” if the error type is #VALUE!, else the final part A1/B1. In the first input box, enter the word “countries”, as shown in the image below. If any of the cells contain error values you can test it and get the error numbers in another cell. If you think this needs time, you may use the Google Sheets Connector for MS SQL Server from Blendo. Usually you have to call the script by passing it to the PHP interpreter (e.g. Click Publish Now and then click More publishing options on the bottom of the dialog box. We quickly went from being the last one to know when a website stopped working properly, to being the first. Server not available. The third column is the email address that is used when sending out notifications for this server (use commas to list more than one address). Okay! Applying any formatting in the file, like custom collation, Google Spreadsheet formulas, IMPORTRANGE functions, custom colors, etc. This first worksheet is going to do two things: It's the place where we are going to list the sensors that the application will test (our Sensors Tester script is going to read this list to determine which sensors to call). This told us more about what the actual user experience was like, and about whether our servers were doing what they were supposed to, than just pinging a server to see if it was up. so immediate updates aren't going to happen. My database connection looks something like this: (As you can see, I connect to the server and select my database in my connection script. It would send out an email/SMS notification if something went down, It would send out an email/SMS if it went back up again, I could view the status of all the sensors, I could view detailed history for any single sensor, at least one sensor script installed on a web server that we will test. EDIT: Sorry my post below is wrong, I figured it out your code is correct! of custom function calls, this process can be quite slow. This should make your database nearly 100 times smaller than it would be otherwise. Remember now, to add new sensors all you have to do is upload a sensor script to the server you are monitoring and add 1 line to the sensor list. Here Value in A1 is 20, B1 is a text string. I admit I'm a big fan of the Google docs webapps and I decided, mostly for fun, to try my hand at writing a server monitor with a little PHP and one Google spreadsheet. The value in cell A1 is 20 and B1 is 0. You May Also Like: Difference Between ISERR and ISNA Functions in Google Sheets. This error is one of the most commonly occurring/happening error in Google Sheets. I hope it will be helpful for those who are suffering from the same symptoms. Post Data to a Google Spreadsheet with Temboo Wait for … If you use the same sensorID on any sensor list twice, with the same back end/database, their data will get mixed together. Common Connected Sheets actions. You get #REF! It could be and there is evidence that it is likely: when I have an importrange in a spreadsheet that is closed and I update the target spreadsheet of the importrange, the closed spreadsheet receives an … Again I keep this in a separate file, like always, and call the file database_connection.php. Spreadsheets have 2 permission levels: Live data and published data. The worksheet should look like this: In the cell A2, insert the following function: The temp value appended onto the end of the function causes the filename to change every 10 minutes; this helps to keep the data fairly current. I'm not sure I can be of much help. But if we use the function IF, not IFS, the formula would return Boolean FALSE. You have to configure Odoo(or OpenERP) script step by step with your Odoo(or OpenERP) server. In Google sheets we use the Google Sheets QUERY function and write our pseudo-SQL code inside this function. We've come a long way now. Clicked odoo item in google spreadsheets. Now time to learn in details about all error types and how to correct it in your Spreadsheet. Trova il database perfetto per le tue esigenze. No need for scripts or … History reports allow us to get a bigger picture of a sensor's status and allow us to see in finer detail what went wrong and when. Good tips, but I’d really really love to know how to remove the #name? Cool idea though. A cron job calls a script that tests all the sensors, and sends out notifications if necessary. lists from multiple spreadsheets); I do this by looping through an array of sensor list URLs (the example has just one URL, but you can add others). The sensor_log table is where we store the results of our tests, and the sensor_log_archive table is where we store our "compressed" data (our script archives data by taking the aggregate results for an entire day for each sensor and insert it into the archive table, thus we reduce the amount of space by a factor of nearly 100 to 1). One of their customers called them to tell them, and it looks like it's been down for a while. error when one of the formula parameters is pointing to an invalid range. We'll do this by having the worksheet execute an importDATA function that calls a script that returns CSV values that the function will use to populate the worksheet. You can [patiently] wait until there's enough data or you can generate some test data in the database if you are feeling particularly impatient. I have installed Spreadsheets module on a server (google cloud hosting). WHERE ID IN (SELECT MAX(ID) AS lastID FROM sensor_log I'd like to import the data of a Google spreadsheet into a sql server 2008 R2 database. Configured server, db, user, pwd. In the cell that contains the formula, you can see a formula error tooltip (hover your mouse over the cell) saying “function DIVIDE parameter 2 cannot be zero”. That’s all. Use the following for your Range in the graph's settings: (Note that the end of these two ranges can't go beyond the end of the last row that you actually have in these two worksheets. I am having a problem using api for accessing google docs from today (now it lasts around 10h). However, Google docs isn't going to poll your datasource every second (and for good reason!) I provide all my code here, and instructions for creating the spreadsheet. What's more, you've got charts and graphs to show your customers the great service they are getting and demonstrate the diligence you show on their behalf. Usually the data is populated within a few seconds of changing the [sensor ID] number in this cell, because changing the cell value alters the URLs that the data is read from and that typically triggers a [nearly] immediate update. Would you also give us some information about the spreadsheet (such as whether created from scratch, duplicated or converted from Excel), cell contents, number of rows and columns, number of sheets, whether this happens on other sheets in the spreadsheet, etc – Tedinoz Sep 29 at 1:16 Hello Stephen, I really amused by your idea. See the above formula. Clicked odoo item in google spreadsheets. You can think of a published spreadsheet a public copy of the live spreadsheet, where every time you publish it, the Live data permissions are controlled by the permissions in the share tab, you can invite others to view or edit. Here is … Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.. Visit Stack Exchange The very outside loop is the retry loop. This is where you can create a URL for specific ranges of data. If I use the formula as below in any other cell, it would return the #N/A error. It's possible that your tests will time out on your webserver because of the sleep commands. Configured server, db, user, pwd. For example, the use of TRANSPOSE(A2:A10) formula as TRANSPOSEE(A2:A10). The table below lists the most common DataSource actions and how to create them … There's a lot to be said for having only one list though (one place to go to view the status of all of your sensors) and even if you have one sensor list you can, of course, create as many reports as you want for any sensorID on any number of spreadsheets. It happens when you apply mathematical operations in one or more cells that contain text strings. Just remember to never reuse a sensorID (as least not with the same backend and database). The report I made is quite simple in that it shows the sensor list, as well as each sensor's up time and lag time, for the most recent 24 hours. Hope this tutorial can help you in finding different error types in Google Sheets and how to correct it subsequently. Create a new spreadsheet and edit it with others at the same time — from your computer, phone or tablet. Trova il … So I tried to implement my banking balance in a google spreadsheet to display my daily profit etc. I'll describe in plain language what's going on: First the script reads the settings, as we reviewed in testallsensors.php (stage one). The sensors you create will be in whatever you use on your website currently (I show a couple of examples further on). This is all we have to do to create new sensors. There are four reasons you may error in Google Sheets. In Spreadsheet you find the Menu option named "Odoo(or OpenERP)". key=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&output=csv&gid=0&range=C3:D99", We get the historical average so we have something to compare against, SELECT sensorID, FLOOR(AVG(lag)) AS average_lag, AVG(status_code) ... Fortunately, I was able to identify the cause of the server error, so I will share it. Let's say I have a spreadsheet on Google Sheets which is not public and I want to be able to read/modify programmatically through some batch process running on my local machine or some server. a call that tells the user the next unused sensorID) that I'd be happy to share with people (I just don't want to turn this article into a book - grin). It's up to you whether or not it's as dependable as is you want a server monitor to be and I'm not responsible if it doesn't work as well as you think it should (nor is it Google's). Gestisci, modernizza ed esegui la migrazione dei dati con i database sicuri, affidabili e a disponibilità elevata di Google Cloud. returns a status code other than 200) that wasn't failing previously, this loop continues until the sensor is either good, or the script has exhausted its number of retries (the number of retries, and the length of time this script sleeps between each retry is determined in our settings). Formulas are written in Python but programming skills are not required. '$current_sensor_date');\n", DELETE FROM sensor_log WHERE created_date < DATE_SUB(CURRENT_DATE(), You'll need a Google account (of course) and a server (I used a shared Linux server at LunarPages) that isn't on a webserver you are monitoring. I thought there was a pretty good chance that people would want to create separate spreadsheets for different customers, etc. TIME('1:00:00')) GROUP BY sensorID;", build arrays of the results, so we can turn them on their side, \"{$spreadsheet_name[$j]} ({$current_ID[$i]})\"", write out a row of average lag times for the same hour, write out a row of status codes (200 = entire hour is good, 0 = error), SELECT lag, YEAR(created_date) AS yeargroup, MONTH(created_date) Enjoy! Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share … Because there is no value in cell A8 as “Orange”. In the pop-up dialog that appears when you click More publishing options, set the File Format to CSV, under What sheets select Sheet "Sensor List" only, and under What cells enter C3:F50 (I picked 50 at random, the number only has to be higher than the last sensor on your list, but equal to or less than the number of rows currently on the spreadsheet). error. I started by defining what I wanted it to do, partly inspired by the kinds of things I know I can do with Google Docs. If you don’t have one on hand that is full of good data, can I suggest that you make a copy of this spreadsheet with contact information for all lawmakers in the United States? downtime, sensor_date) VALUES ($current_sensorID,", ,{$compressed_downtime[$current_sensorID][$current_sensor_date]}, VALUES ($sensor_sensorID, $status_code, $difference)". You can use this to log data from sensors connected. The Google Drive API and Service Accounts At the risk of being the Obvious Captain, you are going to need a spreadsheet if you want to move on with this post. In both the above cases you can use Google Sheets ERROR.TYPE function as below in an IF logical test. SQL Server on Google Cloud Digital Transformation Business Continuity Digital Innovation Operational Efficiency COVID-19 Solutions COVID-19 Solutions for the Healthcare Industry Infrastructure Modernization Application Migration SAP on Google Cloud High Performance Computing Windows on Google … BUT it does not work. Would you also give us some information about the spreadsheet (such as whether created from scratch, duplicated or converted from Excel), cell contents, number of rows and columns, number of sheets, whether this happens on other sheets in the spreadsheet, etc – Tedinoz Sep 29 at 1:16