There are many kinds of health inequality, and many ways in which the term is used. . They are strongly associated with socio-economic inequalities but can also result from discrimination. Smoking and obesity are the main ri… Therefore, it is essential that nurses have an understanding of the health inequalities that can occur, and their causes. • Rates of morbidity are usually higher among those with a lower educational, occupational or income level. health inequalities on its own. Professor David Williams on racism, discrimination and the impact they have on health, How do our life experiences shape our health? Cross-National Comparisons The Mayor wants to take action to create a healthier and fairer city. It is set in historical context, using a global social determinants approach, grounded in evidence of inequalities between and … Females in the most deprived areas were 3.9 times more likely to die from an avoidable cause than those in the least deprived areas. In a recent study by Stonewall, 13 per cent of LGBT respondents reported experiencing unequal treatment from health care staff because they were LGBT, with this number rising to 32 per cent for people who are transgender and 19 per cent for Black, Asian and minority ethnic LGBT people.